Tragic news of the Narayana finally reaches home

Norsk Sjofartsmuseum


17th March 1982

Mr. Michael J Carter,

4 Old Market St.,



Dear Mr Carter,

Your letter of 15th February 1982 has now been forwarded to Norsk Sjofartsmuseum (The Norwegian Maritime Museum). The Narayana is listed in the Norwegian Veritas Ship Register as a Barque built at Sunderland in 1852. She measured 173 Norwegian lasts - one last is about two tons. The Narayana, formally British, was sold to Norway in the mid-sixties. In the 1868 edition of the Ship Register she is listed as owned by Bernh Scheen. In the 1876 edition by A.Isaachsen and in the 1884-1887 editions by B.T. Scheen. The homeport during all these years was Tonsberg and the master was B. Scheen. Unfortunately we have not been able to find anything about the wreck. From the Mercantile Marine Department we are told that the ship was deleted from their registers on the fourth quarter of 1886. Your information that she was lost at Coney Island, Sligo, was a valuable addition to what is to be found in the ship lists. We are sorry not being able to give you any more detailed information, but this is all to be found in our archives.

Yours sincerely

Else Marie Thorstvedt


Norsk Sjofartsmuseum