The Strand to Coney Island

A letter to the Sligo Champion, September 20, 1890

Dear Sir,

We, the inhabitants of Coney Island, beg to bring under the notice of the public, but more especially of the Grand Jury, through the medium of your influential paper, the great necessity that exists of having some protection extended to the inhabitants.

We presume it is a fact to be deplored that within the last nine months no less than three lives have been lost in endevouring to come across the dreary strand which lies between the Island and the mainland. It is the memory of some of the oldest inhabitants of the Island that as many as twenty-eight human beings have been drowned on that Strand coming to the Island.

We earnestly hope that the members of the Grand Jury will take into consideration the making of a gravelled passage or roadway on the Strand, convenient to the pillars, as a protection, and by that means persons travelling on foot, or by car or cart, could find their way in safety in going in or out to or from the Island, and thereby be the means of saving many lives.

Signed: Joseph Flood, Bryan Ward, John McGowan Sen., John McGowan Jnr., James Ward Sen., James Ward Sen., Michael Carty Sen., Michael Carty Jnr., Hugh Haran, Patrick Feeney.