Searching for Faeries in Yeats Country

WB Yeats, October 15, 1892

I went to a great fairy locality, a cave by the Rosses Sands, with an uncle and a cousin who is believed by the neighbours and herself to have narrowly escaped capture by that dim kingdom once.

I made a magical circle and invoked the fairies. My uncle, a hard headed man of about 47, heard presently voices like those of boys shouting and distant music but saw nothing.

My cousin however saw a bright light and multitudes of little forms clad in crimson as well as hearing the music and then the far voices.

Once there was a great sound as of little people cheering and stamping with their feet away in the heart of the rock.

The Queen of the troop came then, I could see her, and held a long conversation with us and finally wrote in the sand : "be careful and do not seek to know too much about us."