Seafaring Families of Sligo and Rosses Point

No history of the Port of Sligo would be complete without reference to the seafaring families who have played such an important role in the life of the Port for two centuries or more. Successive generations of Bruens, Devaneys, Gillens, Kilgallons and McGowans, amongst others, have figured prominently as Sailors, Pilots and Masters on a variety of ships, from the days of sail to the modern ocean going vessels, and enjoyed a worldwide reputation as able and resourceful mariners.

Bartley Kilgallon of Upper Rosses
Bruen Leyden of Coney Island
Bruen of Shamrock Lodge McGowan
Devaney McLoughlin
Gillen Moffatt
Higgins of Upper Rosses Thomas
Kilgallon of Lily Cottage Other Mariners from Sligo