Rosses Point Goes to the Polls for Mayor

Sligo Weekender, Tuesday May 20 2003

Seven candidates will spend the next four weeks competing for the title of first citizen of Rosses Point.
The seaside village has dispensed with frivolous democracy and turned the battle to be Mayor of Rosses Point into a straight money fight.
The title of Mayor was handed to Sligo solicitor and Rosses Point resident Brendan Johnson in the late ‘90s after a superb fundraising campaign on behalf of the Scouts Den.
Now, seven candidates must again raise money for the den, which is in severe need of repair. And, whoever raises the most cash by the time the June 21 deadline rolls around, will be crowned the new Mayor of Rosses Point.
Topping the list of candidates is long-time Rosses Point resident Susie Petersen. This student has already been actively campaigning for the cause, raising funds throughout the village.
Her dedication to becoming Mayor will surely be matched by her dedication as Mayor should she get the title, but with a month still to run, expect to see plenty more of Susie and her campaign team.
Simon Rooney, a well known Rosses Point man and son of Dominic and Freda Rooney, is another man looking to capture the title of Mayor.
His preferred method of raising funds is to blackmail friends and threaten enemies, although he has other, less criminal, methods of persuading you to part with your hard earned cash.
Auctioneer John Ryan is seen as the bookie’s favourite to capture the chain of office, but he has his work cut out matching the six other contenders.
Should he be elected into office, his first move will be to emulate the success of Strandhill Airport across the bay, by bringing a decommissioned aircraft carrier across the Atlantic from the US. A viable idea? You decide.
Rosses Point native and television producer Kieran Devaney will be targeting those ex-pat Point people who return to the village every summer or every few years.
Many still take a very active interest in Rosses Point life and have strong ties with the village and various fund-raising events which go on there.
John Finnegan comes from a very well known Rosses Point family. A taxi driver and very talented singer, he will be putting the latter skill to use in raising funds for the scouts den.
A former scout himself, John is keen to pay thanks to those who have kept it running and will be raising funds for its refurbishment through a series of events.
Tom Devaney serves a dual role as barman and postmaster in Rosses Point. And when he’s neither behind the bar nor behind the post office counter, you can find him running the length of Rosses Point’s golden beaches.
The fittest of our seven mayoral contenders, Tom will be hoping he won’t get the run-around from friends and supporters when the time comes to dig into the wallet.
The final contender is Linda Gault, who works in the Waterfront Bar and Restaurant and is well known by the regular diners and patrons.
Linda will be representing the Waterfront and that is where you can bring your contributions for her mayoral campaign.
Numerous events will be organised by the seven candidates over the next four weeks and the Sligo Weekender will bring you as many of them as possible.
Please support all of the candidates as much as you can as this event, while being run in a competitive spirit, is still for a very worthy cause.