Jack and Eamonn Moffatt were two brothers from Rosses Point. The Grandsons of River Pilot, John Conway, they went to sea as Radio Officers on the outbreak of World War 11. Jack’s ship was torpedoed shortly after the commencement of hostilities and was rescued from a lifeboat, with other members of the crew, by the famous pocket battleship Admiral Von Scheer. After five years in a Nazi POW camp he was released, returned home but died soon afterwards.

His brother, Eamonn, survived the War and served as Radio Officer on large fishing trawlers operating in Icelandic waters from the Port of Hull, where he now lives in retirement.

John Moffatt of Maugherow was 2nd Mate on the SS Liverpool when she was mined in 1916. He later served in a similar capacity on her replacement vessel, the Carrickfergus before taking up employment at Liverpool Docks. He married Kathleen, daughter of Tommy McLynn, a Rosses Point Seaman who settled in Liverpool

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