Midnight Reflections

By Christina Lloyd

Midnight struck as we strolled arm in arm.
All our light came from tall, towering street lamps.
Looking over to the boats,
Their masts big and cabins small,
Their shimmering shapes ghostly in the water
As we wandered on past the pier.

Now all lights were off, all except the metal man,
With his fierce light showing now and again.
The smell of the wilderness lingered around,
As we looked to distant seas.

Smuggler's watch house loomed in the distance,
Silhouetted against the rising dark.
The wind was non-existent as we strolled gracefully along,
Watching a line of blazing lights, glowing far, then near,
Their reflection in the water, like a star bright and clear.

We strolled calmly down the main road home,
Hotel lights bright and lively.
A cosy glow shone through the curtains
Warm and snug and settled down,
As we wandered home from our midnight walk.

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