Captain John BruenCarmel Cottage
James TracyUpper Rosses
Dominic Gillen(May McGowan's Uncle)
Michael GillenThe Erin
John KilgallonLily Cottage
John McGowanRose Cottage
Capt. James DevaneyCamden Villa
J.P. GillanUpper Rosses
William GillenMyrtle Cottage
Capt. John TracyUpper Rosses
Gustie GillenCrescent Lodge
Tommy Joe GillanErin Cottage
Martin BruenArbutus Cottage
Dermot McMahonSt. Michael's Cottage
Patrick BartleyPool View
Michael McGowanIsland View
Capt. Pat BruenShamrock Cottage
Johnny McGowanWoodbine Cottage
Capt. Michael Devaney   Melrose Lodge
Martin McGowanConey Island
Jack FeeneyAlma Cottage
Gerald DohertyGreenlands
Kevin KennedyBrittas, Co. Wicklow
Pierre ReichmuthYeats Country Hotel (Chef)
Marcel BruchezYeats Country Hotel
Jim LeydenConey Island
Michael McLaughlinClematis Lodge
Michael KilgallenLower Rosses
Peter Joseph GillenLower Rosses

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