An Eviction on Coney Island

Sligo Champion, March 5 1898

James Ward Sen., a very old man – we believe he has seen 90 summers – was put out of his house and home at Coney Island recently by the Sheriff and his bailiffs. The evictor was Doctor H Tweedy who now owns the Meredith property.

The old man was put out on the roadside on a cold bleak day and he has since died – gone to a land where the evictors cease to trouble and the evicted are at rest. It appears that many years ago James Ward had taken a lease of three acres and sixteen roods for which he paid a yearly rental of 6. 8. 2., but as the years went by and there was a fall-off in the number of bathers staying on the Island he was unable to meet his payments. His offer of 4 shillings in the pound for two years rent in accordance with the Act was refused. He was then evicted and is now in his grave.

John C McTernan writes: Later that year a local newspaper commented that the Island was loosing much of its former attractiveness with some of the houses going into decay. Two illustrious men make it their abode – Joseph Flood and CB Tully, the Manager of the Sligo Gas Works, it wrote. In bygone times the latter operated a small ship-building business on the Island.

The correspondent concluded his remarks by stating that James Ward, son of Bryan Ward, extended a hearty reception to all visitors to his friendly Establishment.