Bruen of Shamrock Lodge

Captain Patrick Bruen of Shamrock Cottage commenced his seafaring career on the SS Devonshire at the turn of the century. He had a number of narrow escapes from death while serving on the Anglo Californian and the Peignton during World War I. Afterwards he was employed by the Sligo Steam Navigation Company and appointed Master of the SS Tartar and later of the SS Carrickfergus. When the company ceased trading Captain Bruen joined the Limerick Steamship Company, took command of the SS Maigue and brought her safely through submarine infested waters around the Irish and English coastlines. He was accidentally drowned, aged 67, in February, 1952, as the Lanahrorne was being berthed.

Edmund and George Bruen were his two sons and followed in his footsteps. Edmund rose to the rank of Captain and sailed with various coastal companies, and now lives in retirement in Liverpool. Captain George Bruen sails in both the foreign and coastal trades and pays regular visits to his home on Coney Island.

Redmond Bruen brother of Captain Patrick was the Chief Pilot for grain ships entering the Port in the twenties and thirties, while another brother, George, was an officer with the old B+I Line.

Redmond’s Sons, William and Patrick, also went to sea and sailed both coastal and foreign. William became a Sligo River Pilot and married in 1992. Patrick married and retired in Liverpool.

Redmond Bruen (1776-1871) was a River Pilot for close on forty years. His son, John, followed on his footsteps and eventually rose to Master Pilot. At the time of his death in 1896 he was the Proprietor of the Elsinore Hotel, in Rosses Point.

Redmond John Bruen (1872-1949} spent many years at sea and sailed around the world, including the notorious Cape Horn, on numerous occasions on-board some of the most famous wind-jammers of the time. He is the only Sligonian known to have taken part in the Klondike Gold Rush. On his return home he took over the family business and opened up the Elsinore Ballroom. From 1813-1916 he operated a channel ferry, the MV Ellen, linking Sligo with the Point during the summer season. His daughter, Gabrielle, married Austie Gillen.

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