Blackrock Lighthouse

5418.4' North
837.0' West

blackrock lighthouse
Photo Copyright - Philip Plisson. An unlit beacon of solid limestone, built by Thomas Ham of Ballina, was completed in 1819. Work to convert the beacon to a lighthouse was completed in 1835. A spiral staircase around the solid base of the original beacon leads to the entrance door of the tower, well above the high water mark. The lighthouse was automated in 1934 when the light was converted from oil to acetylene gas. The light was converted to electric in 1965. Blackrock in the 1930s

Aids to Navigation
White flash ever 5 seconds; nominal range 13 nautical miles.

Auxiliary Light:
over Wheat and Seal Rocks: Red flash every 3 seconds; nominal range 5 nautical miles.

Height of Tower:
25 metres.

Height of light above mean high water springs:
24 metres.

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