Black Mark is Removed from Point

Sligo Weekender, June 17 2003

A house labelled a ‘black mark’ against Rosses Point has been demolished just days after the Sligo Weekender enquired about its ownership.
The temporary house at the entrance to the village was erected by the Council to house a local family prior to a more permanent home being constructed.
However it remained unoccupied for a number of years and had fallen into a derelict state.

The house and its prominent position close to the main promenade, was highlighted as a negative visual point in the village by the judges of the national Tidy Towns competition.
The local tidy towns committee, who worked tirelessly to keep the village in trim could do nothing about the house, which passed from Council control to that of a private developer who owned the land on which it was built.
Following a number of phone calls ahead of this year’s round of Tidy Towns judging, the Sligo Weekender tried to ascertain who was responsible for the building.
Within five days of enquiries beginning, the premises was demolished and the rubble taken away. The site and adjoining land are earmarked for a large scale development comprising houses, town houses and apartments.