Jubilee, 2000

Compiled by the Rosses Point Heritage Association with extracts from the many prayers submitted by people from Rosses Point to "Sligo at Prayer" during the Sligo 750 Celebration.

We face the third millennium since Christ, Son of God, became one of the human race accepting our feelings of wonder, sometimes fear, but always keeping trust in God. It is good to search the past to learn how our ancestors faced similar doubts and fears, seeking similar courage and guidance in the Word of God. We are blessed in the lovely Parish of Rosses Point to have visible reminders and treasured traditions of earlier generations being sustained on their pilgrim voyage.

On the June feast day of Colmcille we gather at Doonerin shore where the Holy Well shows us a humble pathway to the earliest days of our Christianity, one thousand five hundred years ago, when our Patron Saint prayed:

That I might bless the Lord who conserves all,

Heaven with its countless bright orders.

Land. Strand and flood.

When we contemplate the site of an ancient church in the Lower Rosses, through vague our knowledge of it, we are prompted to pay.

Mother of Hope, Star of the Sea, sure consolation of the pilgrim people

Guide our steps in our journey through life so that we may walk along paths

Of peace, harmony, progress, justice and freedom.

May Christ be our peace... May His pardon renew our hearts.

We remember the Mass Path from Rosses Point to Drumcliffe's monastic site. We recall the spectre of famine, disease and shipwreck and commemorate those who lie in the Cillin of Cilat near Balllyweelin.

Ni ligfear o chuimhne iad

Solas na bhFaitheas orthu le taobh na mara.

We enjoy the amenities of Rosses Point today in contrast with those to whom the sea provided a more dangerous livelihood. All those who lost their lives at sea are remembered faithfully each August at the Cemetery.

Give wisdom and understanding to all those families whose care it is

To minister to fishermen and their families,

By helpful hands kindly voices and faithful prayers,

May The Holy Love he made known to these thy children

And to Thy name be the glory and praise through Christ our Lord.

Though beauty is all around Ross Ceite, the dangers of the sea are marked vividly near Rosses Point. We are mindful at the annual blessing on the Pier that through the Lifeboat Service we find today people, who with instinctive Christian spirit, put their lives at risk to save others.

The beautiful setting of the Church of Ireland reminds us of the concern for the spiritual well being of the holiday makers in the earlier days of the resort.

Love shows itself in the art of caring and very often in unselfish sharing.

In a look of compassion, in a tender smile, in just being willing to go that extra mile.

Today, at Cregg, is a home where Christ has called to suffer the little children to come.

O Lord be with the handicapped in their trials.

They face the same problems as others but with less resources.

Make us more susceptible to their needs, and more willing to reach out to them.

We face the new millennium humbled but enriched by learning from our heritage - our surroundings and how our ancestors lived through their pilgrimage of faith in other days.

We see much progress and improvement but can be conscious also of how much today we need the Spirit of God.

For though from out of borne of time and place, the flood may hear me far.

I hope to see my Pilot's face when I have crossed the bar.

So at this Christmas time, as we stand uniquely on the threshold of the third millennium, let us humbly say the Advent Prayer:

Hail and Blessed be the hour and moment

In which the Son of God was born of the most pure Virgin Mary

In a stable in Bethlehem in piercing cold.

At this hour vouchsafe O My God to hear my prayer and grant my petition.